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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

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RADMASTE microscience - the smart, sophisticated system that makes hands-on science experimentation accessible to all whatever their situation

Whether you're a primary school learner, a first year tertiary science student or a teacher, RADMASTE has a wide range of versatile Microscience resources to assist you along your journey of practical science education.

RADMASTE Microscience caters for Primary School Science activities, Chemistry and Physics activities at secondary school level (Physical Sciences) as well as Life Sciences and Molecular Modelling activities.

Each RADMASTE Microscience kit is a portable Science Laboratory in a box, and all Microscience resources provide both teachers and learners with exceptional benefits like some of those described here.

Physics - Microelectricity

The RADMASTE Microelectricity Kit
One Microelectricity Kit + two multimeters covers a wide range of electricity activities.
All secondary school CAPS electricity experiments can be completed (South African curriculum).
A group of four learners can use one kit.
Videos are available to show teachers and learners how to use the equipment.
No laboratory required!


The RADMASTE Microchemistry Kits make group work easy.
Microchemistry Kits enable schools to implement safe, hands-on chemistry.  All the experiments are tried and trusted.
The majority of secondary school CAPS chemistry experiments can be completed (South African curriculum).
All experiments can easily be carried out by individual learners or as group work activities.
No large, expensive setups of apparatus - all the equipment is in the kit. Learners get to experience chemical reactions for themselves.
Small quantities of chemicals = no waste disposal problems.
Videos on YouTube show how to carry out the activities.
No need for running water or electricity.  No lab required!

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RADMASTE FET Microscience

Senior Secondary (FET)

Senior Secondary /FET Microscience

For the Further Education and Training phase (FET), there are activity and video resources for Grades 10 to 12 (equivalent to senior secondary level). Some of the FET activities can also be used at first-year tertiary level.

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RADMASTE GET Microscience

Junior Secondary (GET)

Junior Secondary /GET Microscience

For the General Education and Training phase (GET) there are several activity worksheets for Grades 8 and 9 (equivalent to junior secondary level).

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RADMASTE Primary Microscience


Primary Microscience

For integrated science (physics, chemistry & biology) at the primary level, there are resources for Grades 4 to 7.

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