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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Microscience encourages Self Discovery.

Microscience fosters Team Work.

In the Microscience classroom learners become scientists and teachers are facilitators.

Microscience tools make the abstract world a reality.

Learners learn by doing and they'll never forget.

Microscience brings out the best in learners in form of skills and use of mind.

RADMASTE is a leader at promoting inquiry-based science education through the RADMASTE microscience system

RADMASTE Microscience is the smart, sophisticated system for carrying out hands-on science experiments.   It relies simply on the use of Microscience Kits, worksheets and teacher resources.

The Science Laboratory in a box.

The Lab in a box!

Each Microscience Kit is a portable Science Laboratory in a box. Learners can share kits for group work. With the guidance of worksheets, learners experience hands-on practical activities for themselves in a classroom setting. This gives them excellent insight into and better understanding of science concepts.

Teachers become facilitators of learning in the microscience classroom.

Teacher Convenience

No pre-lesson preparation of apparatus is required. Teachers manage chemical requirements and other accessory resources, depending on each practical activity. This allows them to become facilitators of practical work whilst their learners actually do the science.

2D-modelling helps learners to identify shapes of common molecules.

2D & 3D Modelling

Molecular Modelling Kits assist learners with understanding bonding and demystifying the Particle Model of Matter. These 2D and 3D modelling tools support the practical work carried out with the Microscience Kits.

RADMASTE provides live training.

microscience training

Training is offered both live and through video materials, which reflect RADMASTE's long experience of Inquiry-based Science Education.

With such expertise and resources on offer, you can truly rely on RADMASTE to lead you along the path to successful microscale science experimentation and implementation.


RADMASTE resources serve the needs of a diverse range of teaching and learning communities

RADMASTE believes in continuous and continuing science education. Our teaching and learning materials do not only enhance science in the classroom context, but extend science comprehension and skills into alternative educational settings such as home schools, science clubs and teacher self-development.

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Microscience can be done in all learning institutions, even farm schools.

All Learning Institutions

RADMASTE Microscience resources cater for all kinds of learners and learning institutions. This includes government schools and private schools at all levels, as well as tertiary institutions. It does not matter where a school is located, RADMASTE Microscience resources do not require a laboratory and the worksheets can be adapted to any national curricula.

Teachers and Teacher Educators

Teachers & Teacher Educators

RADMASTE has always had a special interest in teachers and teacher educators. The vast array of science curriculum materials we have prepared means that teachers and teacher-trainers can enhance their science knowledge, understanding and skills during both pre-service and in-service education.

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microscience is ideal for science clubs

Home Schools, Science Clubs & field trips

The affordability, portability and safety of the RADMASTE Microscience Kits extends their versatility outside the ordinary classroom. Without the need for a laboratory, Home Schoolers can easily achieve practical science education at home. Learners at Science Clubs and on Field Trips benefit enormously from carrying out low-cost microscience activities as part of their extra-curricular learning.

RADMASTE microscience ensures safe hands-on science activities for all, even without a traditional laboratory

Microscale experimentation has many advantages as compared to traditional scale work.

Improves Teaching & Learning

The equipment is more convenient and quicker to work with. Learners can easily access their equipment during a lesson and do the science they are learning about.

Safe and Green

Small quantities of chemicals safer for learners less waste less impact on the environment.

Versatile & portable

The equipment is in a kit so it is always ready for the experiment you want to conduct. Easy management, easy transport, easy security.



A wide range of practical activities can be done without a traditional laboratory and/or lab desks, without mains electricity or even a mains water supply.

teacher-friendly resources

Worksheets are supported by teacher guides with ‘model answers’ or relevant information. There are also Teacher Resource Kits with spares and auxiliary resources.


affordable equipment

Microscience is low-cost, allowing for learners to work individually to complete experiments.

All these features make hands-on science experimentation accessible to all, whatever their situation.

RADMASTE Microscience equipment inspires learning across all age groups in biology, chemistry and physics

RADMASTE has developed a broad range of versatile microscience equipment and accessories, making it easier for teachers to encourage hungry minds into becoming science geniuses.


equipment for all

The equipment covers both primary and secondary school and entry-level courses at tertiary institutions.


many science topics

RADMASTE Microscience Kits cover much of biology/life sciences, chemistry and physics.


Teacher Demo Kits

For science topics that do not lend themselves to microscale work, teacher demonstration kits are supplied.


molecular modelling

Molecular modelling is catered for at low-cost too, through molecular stencils and modelling components.


chemicals & chemicals kits

Chemicals are also supplied in the small quantities required by microscale work, both in traditional form and in prepared solutions.

don't take our word for it: See and hear what Our Intrepid Microscience Explorers have to say

In the middle of a class I tell my learners to take out their RADMASTE microscience equipment and do the science I am teaching them. The setup is fast, it is safe because the quantities are so low. This also means less waste of harmful chemicals to throw away. And learners are able to DO the science!
Sithembinkosi, Physical Sciences Teacher,
South Africa
Actually doing practical experiments makes it much easier for us as students to interpret the work we are doing. Instead of just seeing it on paper, we actually physically handle the apparatus and do the experiments.
Thabo, Physical Sciences learner,
South Africa
For microscale to work, students must hone their dexterity and observations skills which makes them concentrate more on the practical and therefore have a more powerful learning experience.
Science Teacher,
United Kingdom

How to order your microscience kits – simple as 1, 2, 3

RADMASTE Microscience Resources

Go to the Ordering Page on this site and read the guidelines for ordering.


Download the order forms you need and complete them.


Send the forms back via email or fax, make payment and wait for delivery.

Teachers can rely on our robust collection of curriculum resources to enhance their understanding & teaching of science concepts


Science experiments always need to fit within a curriculum.   RADMASTE has therefore always maintained an active interest in science curriculum development.  This has resulted in courses and course books covering many aspects of science curricula and designed for school teachers or teacher trainers, to help them expand their own knowledge base and understanding of science concepts.   Microscience experiments are frequently an integral part of these, allowing teachers to become familiar with the very equipment and activities they can use in their own classroom teaching.




Experimental activities are an integral part of science and this is why science education includes these.  RADMASTE realised the great advantages of doing experiments on small-scale and has promoted the microscale approach in science education for more than 20 years. During that time we have developed numerous resources that enhance teaching and learning methods for Integrated Sciences (primary school science), Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Technology.


let RADMASTE Microscience transform your classroom into a place of science inquiry and discovery

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