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The Radmaste Microscience Catalogue is your ultimate guide to microscience equipment and supporting resources

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The Catalogue has been prepared to help you select Microscience resources best suited to complete practical work at different educational levels of schooling. It is divided into four sections, namely:

  • Primary Microscience – integrated science resources for primary school learners.
  • Secondary School Microscience – resources required for both junior secondary and senior secondary school practical science.
  • Resources Supporting Microscience – conventional equipment needed to support the microscale kits, as well as Microchemicals kits and Microscience activity lists available for use with the kits.
  • Extra-curricular Microscience – details on two Microscience packages that can be used for learning of science outside the classroom (such as in science clubs, on field trips and at expos).
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In a bit of a hurry? Use these product summaries to give you a quick overview of some essential radmaste kits

Simply hover over the images below to learn a few quick facts about the featured kits. For more information, download the Catalogue.

microchemistry kits

RADMASTE Basic Microchemistry Kit

RADMASTE™ Basic Microchemistry Kit

RADMASTE™ Basic Microchemistry Kit (CE0100)

This kit contains small-scale components for carrying out a wide range of core chemistry activities at low cost.

Can be used at both junior secondary (GET) and senior secondary (FET) levels.

Can be used by individual learners or groups of learners.

No laboratory or special set-up required!

RADMASTE Advanced Microchemistry Kit

RADMASTE™ Advanced Microchemistry Kit (CE0200)

This kit contains extra pieces of equipment so that learners can complete all core activities usually done with the Basic Microchemistry Kit, as well as additional experiments such as collection and testing of gases, simple conductivity testing, electrochemistry etc.

Optional for the junior secondary (GET) level but ESSENTIAL for senior secondary (FET) chemistry.


microelectricity kits

Microphysics Basic Electricity Kit

MicroPhysics Basic Electricity Kit (PE0100)

This kit uses a microwell plate as the basis for the setting up of electrical circuits. A variety of small-scale components allow for activities falling under the topics of current electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism & electromagnetic induction.

A group of four secondary school learners needs only one kit and two multimeters to complete many electricity activities. No laboratory or mains electricity required!

RADMASTE Basic Microelectricity Kit

RADMASTE™ Basic Microelectricity Kit

RADMASTE™ Basic Microelectricity Kit (PE0101)

RADMASTE recommends this kit for senior secondary (FET) electricity experiments under the theme of Electricity and Magnetism.

Using this kit with supporting worksheets and multimeters, learners will encounter circuits and circuit components in a much more interactive way whilst learning about current, voltage and resistance.


microscale life sciences kits

Micro Bio-observation Kit

RADMASTE™ Micro Bio-observation Kit

RADMASTE™ Micro Bio-observation Kit (BE0300)

This Kit enables learners to study biological specimens they have collected from their natural surroundings. There are several observational tools including a unique handheld microscope which can be used outdoors.

Microscope slides and dissection apparatus are managed by the teacher which means this kit can be used from primary school right up to senior secondary level and beyond.

RADMASTE Basic Microelectricity Kit

RADMASTE™ Microscale Biology Kit (BE0100)

An essential kit for the senior secondary (FET) life sciences/biology classroom.

Small-scale activities using this kit cover enzymes, biological molecules (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, etc), respiration, photosynthesis, water relations in plants, and more.

Supported by a biology chemicals kit and a biology teacher resource kit to extend its versatility.


microscale primary school kits

RADMASTE Primary Microscience Kit

RADMASTE™ Primary Microscience Kit (IE0100)

This Kit has been specially designed for primary school learners (grades 4 to 7 in South Africa).

One kit does it all - chemistry, physics and biology!

Activities range from Junior Primary (e.g. air, water, soil) to more advanced Senior Primary (heating and heat transfer, the three states of water, matter and measurement, electricity, magnetism, food, etc).

RADMASTE Learner's Molecular Modelling Kit

RADMASTE™ Learner's Molecular Modelling Kit

RADMASTE™ Learner's Molecular Modelling (MT0400)

An essential kit for learners of ANY age, but specifically relevant to primary school learners who are being introduced to the Particle Model.

Learners can easily build 3D models of molecular and crystalline structures using familiar materials.

Best used together with the RADMASTE™ molecular stencils for 2D visualisation.