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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

microscience for junior secondary school

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
Chinese Proverb

A versatile range of microscience equipment to meet the needs of the junior secondary science classroom

RADMASTE Microscience has everything you need - Basic Microchemistry, Molecular Modelling, Basic Microelectricity and Micro Bio-observation - to help your learners engage with all aspects of junior secondary science.


RADMASTE recommends the Basic Microchemistry Kit for chemistry at junior secondary (GET) level, because it contains an appropriate range of small-scale apparatus for learners working in groups to carry out a wide selection of core chemistry activities.

The kits are safe and easy to use, and convenient for teachers to implement. No laboratory needed! Learners set up their own equipment, so no laboratory assistant required either!

The RADMASTE Basic Microchemistry Kit allows for many core activities at junior secondary level.
The RADMASTE Basic Microchemistry Kit allows for many core activities at junior secondary level.


Do your learners struggle with atomic and molecular concepts? Can you only find expensive kits to help them build molecular structures?

Well, look no further! With the RADMASTE Natural Sciences Molecular Stencil and the RADMASTE Learner's Molecular Modelling Kit, learners are able to visualise molecules, atoms and ions in both 2D and 3D.

These low-cost, interactive teaching and learning tools will make the Particle Model fun for learners of all ages.


The MicroPhysics Basic Electricity Kit allows learners to set up electrical circuits on a microwell plate using various kinds of connectors. Together with other small-scale components and magnets, these kits cover a range of hands-on activities addressing the topics of current electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism.

Equipped with just one Basic Electricity Kit and two multimeters, a group of four learners can complete electricity experiments without a laboratory or even mains electricity!

The MicroPhysics Basic Electricity Kit has great applicability in the junior secondary science classroom, as this solenoid set-up depicts.
The handheld microscope is a unique tool in the RADMASTE Micro Bio-observation Kit.


The RADMASTE Micro Bio-observation Kit helps bring to life what some learners have only encountered as pictures in books.

All of the observational tools in the kit help learners to better understand the structure and function of living organisms. But it is the unique handheld microscope that most encourages teachers to send learners out of the classroom and into the playground to discover more about the plants, animals and micro-organisms that inhabit their immediate environment.

To learn more about these junior secondary Microscience kits, including support resources such as worksheets, chemicals and recommendations for classroom use, make sure to download the RADMASTE Microscience catalogue.


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  • Matter: Properties, Particle Model
  • Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide
  • Chemical Change
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  • The Electric Current
  • Effects of The Electric Current
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